What is Snapture? Everything You Need to Know About the Snipping Tool Alternative

Many users might be familiar with the built-in screenshot-taking capabilities of Window’s Snipping Tool. It’s a functional but basic program for capturing simple screengrabs.

However, you’re looking for a screenshot tool that goes beyond the basics, Snapture is a great Snipping Tool alternative. Our app offers an extensive range of features that make capturing screenshots and quick clips easy and fast. It can be used to create quick borderless clips, capture various screen areas, and “snap” multiple screenshots together.

Here’s what you can expect from the Snapture app and why it’s a solid Snipping Tool alternative:

Key Features of Snapture

The Snapture app, like Snipping Tool, is only available for Windows. It offers a range of features that make screen capturing quick and easy. Here are some of the key features offered by our app:

  • Quick Capture: Easily capture any part of your screen with a single click.
  • Auto Snap Feature: Take multiple screengrabs side-by-side for comparison or design work.
  • Clip Fade Feature: This allows you to view the screen behind your captures without the need to switch windows.
  • Region Selection: Capture various screen regions and save them as individual files. Choose between freeform, fixed sized, or a specific aspect ratio region.

Snapture does not offer any built-in annotation tools currently. However, we are constantly striving to improve our app and may add this feature in the future. If you have any suggestions on features that you’d like to see in our app, please let us know!

Why Choose the Snapture App?

We designed the app with creative professionals in mind. As such, it offers features that are not found in the Snipping Tool. In particular, our app’s Auto Snap feature makes it easy to snap multiple screengrabs side-by-side. This feature is perfect for taking product shots or mocking up a presentation.

How Much Does Snapture Cost?

The Snapture app is currently available for a 7-day free trial. After the trial period expires, the app will cost $9.99 a year.

In Conclusion

As you can see, the Snapture app is an excellent alternative to Window’s Snipping Tool for anyone looking for more features and options when capturing screenshots. With our app, you can quickly and easily capture any part of your screen with ease.

For more information about Snapture, please visit our website: https://snaptureapp.com/.